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News » Qt SDK 2010.02 reloaded

Qt SDK 2010.02 reloaded

Unfortunately a “patch” sneaked into the Qt Creator 1.3.1 build that was delivered with the Qt SDK 2010.02, that makes Qt Creator crash for all Windows users using TortoiseSVN. QTCREATORBUG-710 This affects only the Qt Creator build inside the SDK and only for the Windows platform, not the Qt delivered with it for development.

Also, the Qt Creator 1.3.1-only packages are unaffected. Today we updated the Windows SDK downloads on the Qt download pages and the customer areas with fixed builds. If you suffer from the problem above, please download and install either the updated SDK packages, or the Qt Creator only packages (make sure that you get SDK packages names 2010.02.1). We apologize most sincerely for any inconvenience this has caused. [via]

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