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Tutorials » DIY Call Blocker on Nokia N900

DIY Call Blocker on Nokia N900

DIY Call Blocker on Nokia N900
DIY Call Blocker on Nokia N900
There is no call blocker application available yet for the Nokia N900, but that is not a reason why you should not have the call blocking functionality on your tablet. This is why I love Maemo, if something is not there or even if it is available commercially, someone will make an free alternative, the community makes wonders.

We owe this hack to Vinu Tomas, which as he announced on his blog, it might be available as an application very soon. So until there is an call blocking app for you to download and install on your Nokia N900 here is how you do it.

As usual before you start, you should have root access on your phone. Also if you have not installed Python runtimes, you will need maemo-python-device-env which is available from the Maemo Extras Devel repository in your App Manager. If you are not sure about that you have Extras Devel enabled on your tablet just click this link from your Nokia N900 browser and the installation will begin. Now download the Python scipt.

Download Call blocker hack - Python script for Nokia N900

If you are downloading the file via you tablet, select "Nokia N900" as download location, that's one folder up from the "Documents" folder, so the file is saved in the /home/user/MyDocs/ folder. If you are using your PC to download the file, connect your Nokia N900 in Mass Storage mode and transfer the file to the "Nokia N900/" folder.

DIY Call Blocker on Nokia N900

Now open your favorite plain text editor like Notepad, TextPad, Notepad++ but not MS Word and create a simple TXT file with the numbers you want to block, the way they are shown on your phone when they call you. Put one number on each line. At the end you should get something like this:


Now save this file as BlockedCallers.txt and put it to the same folder the file (Connect your Nokia N900 in Mass Storage mode and copy the file to the "Nokia N900/" folder).

DIY Call Blocker on Nokia N900

Now open X Terminal on your phone and type in the following commands and remember that they are case sensitive. Before you run this commands disconnect the USB cable or you will get an error.

python /home/user/MyDocs/ &

And you are done. Anybody that is calling from those numbers will always get a busy tone, and you will have a few missed calls on your Nokia N900. If you want to add or remove numbers, just edit the BlockedCallers.txt file and run the above commands again. Also please remember to run the script again after a phone reboot so that the call blocker is stated again.

Comments: DIY Call Blocker on Nokia N900

Posted by Mikele on Friday, February 26, 2010 07:34
10x for the tutorial, I can now block all my ex girlfriends to stop calling
Posted by Angela on Monday, March 01, 2010 00:02
Hi! Wonderful option ,is there a workaround to automatically block any unknown or unregistered numbers? No digits to enter into script...
Posted by Goce Bonev on Monday, March 01, 2010 22:39
@angela well as far as I understand the Python script it just takes numbers from a file to block. I haven't tried entering "Private Call" in the BlockedCallers.txt file but it might work.
Posted by George Dvl on Saturday, March 06, 2010 19:09
This script is good easy to use and most importantly it works!
Posted by stogentas on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 20:53
I dont know why the article writes there are no call blocking applications. there are many applications which can do that like pycallblocker
Posted by amber on Thursday, July 22, 2010 06:06
It's not working. I was only able to use it for few times then it stopped. Blocked callers keeps coming in.

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